Music Education Fund


Music is a big part of our regional culture.

Talented performers, nationally recognized festivals, community choirs and bands, recording studios, public concerts, open mics, and on and on. This culture didn’t arise on its own. The foundation of its success can be traced to our outstanding system of music education, including the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, public school music school programs, and our many private music instructors and community ensembles. 

While the benefits of this music culture can be seen in regional economic development and in our vibrant arts scene, there are also many intangible benefits, especially for children.

The importance

Children who participate in music education show long-term improvement in their perceptual, language, literacy and numeracy skills. But children who participate in social music making also coordinate their body movements and synchronize their brain activity, which has been shown to increase positive social feelings as well as feelings of trust. Making music with others has been linked with increased social cohesion and emotional empathy in children.

We also know through experience that children who make music together have fun, make friends, and carry that positivity into their daily lives. Making music can help children to be emotionally resilient and confident in their ability to express themselves. 

The fund

Founded with Nick Poss, owner of the Eau Claire Music School, the Music Education Fund seeks to promote collaborative music making and learning opportunities for children and to make those opportunities widely accessible.

Contact the Music Education Fund at (715) 514-0475 Ext. 4

Support the Music Education Fund

The Luginbill family has a strong commitment to education and music and knows first-hand that by nurturing the music makers of tomorrow, we support the continued economic and artistic growth of the region and help to create a harmonious community.