Market Match

Fresh, Healthy & Affordable

The Luginbill Children's Foundation believes that every family deserves access to healthy food. A coalition between the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market and Eau Claire County UW-Extension established Market Match and the Token Program to meet that goal. Now, individuals and families who use FoodShare can shop for fresh, local food at the farmers market and have their money doubled to buy even more nutritious food! Learn more at the Market Match website.

How it works

The Luginbill Children's Foundation is proud to be the fiscal agent for the Market Match program.

Market Match provides a one-to-one match to farmers’ market patrons who use their FoodShare benefits at the farmers market - up to $10 per week. That means, when a farmers market patron spends $10 of their FoodShare benefit at the farmers’ market, they receive an extra $10 in the form of wooden tokens to spend on fresh, local food at the market. More money to shop means more food on the table. It also means a greater revenue for local farmers selling at the market!

Through this program, Healthy food is cheaper for low-income individuals and families. This makes it easier to put food on the table and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Support Market Match

To support the efforts of Market Match, please visit our donation website. Checks can be made to Luginbill Children's Foundation (with 'Market Match' in the memo line) and mailed to P.O. Box 996, Eau Claire, WI 54702.