Circles of change


Moving from Dialogue to Action in the Chippewa Valley

The Luginbill Children's Foundation and local community partners are working to build and embrace a more racially and ethnically diverse and inclusive environment in the Chippewa Valley.

Interested in participating in the Circles of Change dialogue groups?

Your voice, perspective, personal experience and ideas for improving our community are important. Students, civic leaders, business owners, parents, administrators, medical care providers, social workers and people from all walks of life and backgrounds are invited to participate in the Circles of Change dialogue groups.

Each group of 10-12 participants will meet for six 2-hour sessions. 

In a recent Volume One article, Patti See shares her powerful experience as a part of a pilot Circles of Change discussion group.

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Additional Information

Dialogue groups are guided by trained facilitators and conducted in a safe, welcoming environment. For more information please contact Dr. Audrey Robinson at 715-836-2200 or via email at

For questions related to youth programming, please contact Jodi Hubbard at 715-829-3018 or via email at


Circles of change for youth

Who we are

We are an action team that formed in the spring of 2018 from Circles of Change. We have created a Circles of Change Program for middle and high school youth in the Chippewa Valley that is available to community agencies.

We believe that our youth lack the experience, exposure, and information necessary to understand racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our goal is to provide a safe space for youth to engage in conversations about themselves and their experiences in order to increase cultural awareness and decrease the potential for active racism that affects everyone in the community.

We provide:

Trained facilitators to facilitate dialogue circles with youth, ages 12-17, in your community organization.  Each group of participants will meet for four 90 minute sessions, with the goal of creating an action plan to be carried out by your organization.  If you are interested in participating in this experience, please complete the registration form below.



“Circles of Change allowed me to make connections and build relationships with other like-minded people from across the Chippewa Valley.  It has been invaluable because I know I will be able to contact and work with fellow participants to affect positive change for years to come.”  

Becky Linderholm, elementary school teacher

“Circles of Change has really become something that I look forward to every week.  The importance of this group really can’t be expressed in just words, so it’s a good thing we have will have action as well.  I see the passion of change in each individual in this pilot group, a passion that has the potential to truly enact positive and effect change.  I  believe in this group and the people that partake in it.  I am very excited to see where this goes in the future.” 

Justin Wheatley, college student

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