The Christopher H.O.P.E. Fund

Investing in HOPE for boys and young men.

Founded with members of the family of Christopher Galloway Thompson, the Christopher Hope Fund focuses on supporting mental health services, substance use disorder services, and suicide prevention programs for young men. HOPE stands for “Healing Our Precious Emotions.”

Suicides among young males are four times more common than among young females, and they are occurring among ever younger males, some in their early teens. Little is understood about what motivates boys and young men to take their lives in such numbers.

Christopher Galloway Thompson (1990-2018) was known for his strength, sensitivity and kindness of heart. Christopher was a loyal friend, hard worker and loving son. Christopher was an avid sports fan and a formidable cribbage and chess opponent. Christopher took his own life after a struggle with mental health and substance use disorder. Christopher’s love for mural and public art is remembered by many, including his students at the Minneapolis Community Center. The Christopher Hope Fund has been established to honor Christopher’s memory, and his spirit lives on through the lives touched in his name.


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