Peace on the Playground

Peace on the Playground (POP) seeks to provide aid to children and families  experiencing
emotional/behavioral challenges and life transitions.  We believe if there is peace at home, there will be a better chance of having peace at school and in our communities.

POP raises funds for outside of school counseling that may be needed for bullying situations, divorce, loss of a family member, etc.  Family support funds are also readily available for material items that children may be in need of during this time. POP will provide family legal support funds on a limited basis.

POP seeks to raise positive awareness through the Buddy Bench project, and will be “sprinkling” buddy benches and colorful messaging throughout playgrounds in the Chippewa Valley.

Peace on the Playground is founded by a Mom and her daughter to nurture emotional and behavior health. Stay tuned as POP spreads positive “Be Kind” messaging and displays throughout school playgrounds in the Chippewa Valley.

For more information, please fill out a contact form with “POP” in the subject line.