(Eau)pen Hearts & Homes

In 2017, the Luginbill Children’s Foundation started the (Eau)pen Hearts & Homes  initiative to help increase the number of foster homes in Eau Claire County.

The growing number of children in need of new homes because of meth use is straining an already overburdened alternate care system in the Eau Claire area. More and more, we are not able to keep children in our community because of the demand. This forces some children to leave their schools, friends, and teachers behind. Our foundation is in a unique position to help support and promote efforts to fill this gap.

The (Eau)pen Hearts & Homes initiative is focused on two major areas:

  • Awareness: The foundation will be utilizing marketing and promotional materials throughout the region. This will include videos showing foster parents talking in their own words about how meaningful being a foster parent is to them. The message? Fostering changes lives and helps children become successful adults
  • Through the above awareness campaign, we will help connect and refer families to area agencies to aid in Recruiting/Retaining Foster Parents. Our goal is to help recruit 10 new foster families in 2017-2018.