Conflux Collective

Conflux Collective (CC) is a partnership between the Luginbill Children’s Foundation and Eau Claire Music School. CC will create “incubators” for young musicians and artists of all backgrounds and abilities to network, perform, seek mentorship opportunities, and trade skill sets with one another throughout the Chippewa Valley.


  1. Create opportunities for local musicians and artists to mentor area youth
  2. Increase youth participation in music making and growing the local music economy, with a focus on reaching youth in underserved areas
  3. Create lasting interest in the Eau Claire community past secondary schooling
  4. Support local musicians by compensating them for sharing their expertise

Age Group(s) Served:

11 years old to 18 years old (6th Grade through 12th Grade)

For more information, please visit the contact tab and write “Conflux” in the Subject Line.