Street Outreach Program

Our Street Outreach Program is focused on helping teenagers and young adults get off the streets. We are committed to finding at-risk and homeless youth before danger does. Every week, program volunteers canvass neighborhoods and other known locations in search of homeless and “placeless” young people. Armed with brochures, plenty of food, and the offer of on-the-spot assistance, outreach volunteers’  presence earns them trust among the youth on the streets and provides them the chance to talk about services including the SMILE program. Our outreach program is focused on providing and referring services including:

  • Street-based direct outreach
  • Access to emergency shelter
  • Prevention and education activities
  • Information and referrals (including to programs of the Luginbill Children’s Foundation)
  • Follow-up support

Our program endeavors to follow the model of Positive Youth Development to give young people the chance to exercise leadership, build skills and become involved in their community.