Our Team

Luginbill FounderJoe Luginbill – Chairman and CEO

Joe founded the Luginbill Children’s Foundation in December of 2016. He brings compassion and vision to the organization and its mission. Joe serves as a member of the Eau Claire Board of Education, and has worked as a support professional with migrant families and for the Strengthening Families Program in Eau Claire County. In 2016, he was selected as a Social Good Fellow for UNA-USA. In addition to serving on the Board of Education, Joe is the Co-Chair of the Eau Claire Children’s Poverty Task Force and a member of the United Way Education Advisory Council. Luginbill is the youngest elected official in the history of Eau Claire County and a member of the National Young Elected Officials Network. As a caseworker, nonprofit leader, and elected official, Joe works to improve the lives of children and families in Wisconsin.


Sandra McKinney ChaplainReverend Sandra McKinney – Interfaith Chaplain

Sandra is an ordained minister who recently retired from serving Unity Christ Center in Eau Claire for 13 years. Prior to church ministry, she was a Prayer Chaplain at Silent Unity, located at Unity’s headquarters in Kansas City, MO, a 24/7 prayer ministry. Her eclectic background includes marketing, sales, writing, publishing and counseling for children, couples and families. “I believe in the inner power and wisdom that resides within every child; guiding children to connect to those inner resources brings Light to the world, one child at a time.” Sandra is currently a County Board Supervisor in Eau Claire County, serving on the Human Services and Aging/Disability Resource Center Boards in that capacity. In 2017, she was elected President of Joining Our Neighbors, Advancing Hope (JONAH).


Christie Clark – Development Specialist

Christie is a junior at UW-Eau Claire double majoring in accounting and information systems. She works at the Nucleus in Eau Claire and tutors students at the College of Business. Christie first started working with children on business projects in high school, and since then has always wanted to give back in greater ways. In addition to working in nonprofit development, Christie has experience in political fundraising throughout the United States. During my free time, she enjoys exploring the area and meeting fellow Eau Clairians.


Derek Dahlk – Community Development Director

Derek’s goals include integrating art into community development, raising awareness toward public problems, and solving those problems with creative collaborative thinking. In 2016, Derek founded The Community Theory Organization at UW-Eau Claire. Previously, Derek worked for the City of Eau Claire in their community planning department, where he worked on sustainability and public health issues.  Derek believes that public issues need to be handled with the level of complexity they deserve. His education in Sociology, Economics, and Public History allows him to apply lessons from the past to make a happier present.


Elisa Steinmetz – Coordinator, Smile House Committee

Elisa has been passionate about helping young people in homeless situations for as long as she can remember. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire with a bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and a minor in ABA/Psychology in 2004. After college, she stayed at home with her two children, while remaining involved in community affairs by volunteering for various organizations. In 2012, she began a non-profit organization, called Families Find Hope, to address homelessness and hoarding situations in the Eau Claire area. It is because of this organization that she became more focused on other existing organizations that assisted individuals with those needs. She began working with the Eau Claire Area School District Homeless Program, and now coordinates the volunteer opportunities and incoming donations for the program. She is also a board member and volunteer coordinator for the Eau Claire County Hoarding Task Force. Elisa and her husband continue to provide respite care to youth and families in the community. Elisa is thrilled to have been invited to coordinate the Smile Committee.


Katy Hackworthy – Director of Youth Disability Programming

Katy is passionate about working with youth with special needs. She first started volunteering with individuals with disabilities with her father when she was ten years old, which enriched her life in immeasurable ways and sparked a desire in her to make a difference in the lives of others. Katy is studying Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She enjoys spending her time working as a Personal Care Worker and as program assistant at a day service program called Bridge for Community Life in Hudson, WI. Katy coordinates the Youth Experience Program for the foundation.


Jill Chumas-King – Peace on the Playground Coordinator

Jill is passionate about the mission of the foundation and hopes to give back to children and families in Western Wisconsin. Inspired by her friend, the late  Monsignor Edmund Klimek, Jill started the POP program with her daughter in late 2016.  Jill has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Hospitality, and is a long time business owner and realtor in the Chippewa Valley.